User Guide: Pulse Research COVID-19 Impact Shopping Survey

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Provided by Sammy Papert, CIAO, Wormhole, Inc., representing Pulse Research

Executive Summary

Thank you for your interest in the Pulse COVID-19 Impact Shopping Survey findings. This is by no means a complete list, yet here are our strong suggestions to leverage this intelligence now. You’ll find both general sales ideas, as well as specific suggestions. Don’t forget within the 26,000+ nationwide sample there are multiple regions and 16 states (and counting) with their own subset. “Counting” because the survey launched on March 12, 2020 and remains live! If you need “your” current report – or your own sample – let us know. (The subset these findings come from are an unnamed client who happened to be the first subset processed. We’ll get you the most relevant report possible.)


Our goal with these data is to help you save or get back revenue by highlighting and quantifying current household shopping. This is a unique source! Important Note: In the COVID-19 Impact Survey, we asked about shopping in the next 90 days, not the next 12 months as in the annual Pulse of America (PoA) survey.

General Points

1) There are 60 categories having more shopping in these COVID times than normal times – focus on them first.

2) Having said that, even businesses with declines might have very significant shopping audiences to reach. For example, in normal times approximately 20 percent of households plan to shop at a furniture store. Though it is approximately half that in the COVID survey, that’s a very meaningful target for a furniture merchant!

3) Think Long Term! Even when you combine our suggestions with your considerable expertise and local market knowledge, you won’t sell or save everyone. That’s sales. However, when you present prospects and customers information about their business and ideas on how to retain or grow and then follow up in a pleasantly persistent manner, your time will come.

4) This is the perfect time to prospect!

5) This is the perfect time to talk digital!

Click here to download the full report with specific survey findings.


Press Associations, clients, prospects and the News Media Alliance either promoted or encouraged membership to run ads, email blasts or post on social media an invitation to complete an online survey. If respondents completed the very lengthy instrument and shared their email address, they were enrolled in a $1,000 contest and one person was randomly chosen. Thanks to this superlative support, Pulse Research captured nearly 26,000 completed surveys and have multiple regional and state subsets.

For more information on the survey, please contact Sammy Papert: or (214) 505-6420.


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