Support Real News: The Public Needs the Truth Ad

The News Media Alliance is proud to provide two full-color print ads, as well as digital cube and digital leaderboard ads, for use in your print and online newspapers.

The ads can be customized with your name (change “This Publication” to your name) and logo.

Below is the “Public Needs the Truth” ad. Click below to access the “Real News” ad.

Real News ad

Public Needs the Truth Quarter pageThe Public Needs the Truth Ad

The ads can be downloaded in EPS and PDF formats.
Full-Page PDF (12″ x 21″): Click here

Quarter-Page PDF (12″ x 21″): Click here
Full-Page EPS (12″ x 21″): Click here (Download via Dropbox)
Quarter-Page EPS (12″ x 21″): Click here (Download via Dropbox)
Image files to be used only in conjunction with the above ad:
Photographer holding press badge (full-page)
Photographer holding press badge (quarter-page)


Web Banners:

Public Needs the Truth Ads:

Truth Leaderboard ad
Link ads to
Public Needs the Truth Digital Cube (300 x 250)
Public Needs the Truth (728 x 90)


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