#ProtectLocalNews Ads

The Alliance has developed print and digital ads for news publishers to run, calling on the public to #ProtectLocalNews and support a safe harbor for news publishers to collectively negotiate with the tech platforms for better business arrangements.

The ads are available in full- and quarter-page for print, as well as digital banner and cube GIFs. The digital ads link to our new video, Legislation to Protect Local News.

Print Ads:

Click the links below to download the PDF and EPS (via Dropbox) files.



Full-page PDF

Full-page EPS (via Dropbox)



Quarter-page PDF

Quarter-page EPS


Digital Ads:

Link ads to http://www.newsmediaalliance.org/protect-local-news-video/

Cube (300 x 250 px)



Banner (728 x 90 px)


For more information, visit our Safe Harbor Resource Center.



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