Media Ownership Reform Principles

FCC Commissioner O’Rielly Discusses the Media Ownership Ruling

NMA has long advocated for the repeal of the media ownership rules that prevent the cross ownership of radio, television, and newspaper in the same market as a way to promote localism, diversity and competition. However, the FCC and the Courts have repeatedly determined that the rules are not accomplishing their intended effect. To the contrary, the facts show that the ban is hurting investment in long-term investigative journalism, a harm that greatly outweighs any perceived positive impact the rules may have, and could be better achieved through other regulatory or legislative mechanisms — a minority tax credit, for example, would greatly promote diversity ownership and viewpoints. More importantly, a tax credit could do so without having a net negative effect on journalism. An Order is expected to be circulated on June 30, and we hope to work with the Commission towards an end to this outdated rule.

Read FCC Commissioner O’Rielly’s recent blog on “Principles for Media Ownership Reform” supporting the movement towards repealing the media ownership rules.


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