Postal Training Webinars Available to News Media Alliance Members 


Through our partnership with the National Newspaper Association Foundation (NNAF), News Media Alliance members* can receive free access to an online portal containing exclusive postal-related resources, events and materials. We are also hosting free webinars to train newspapers for best uses of the mail in a rapidly changing postal environment. A Newspaper Mail School is available, where employees can receive a certification to become proficient in dealing with United States Postal Service.

If you were unable to participate in the first two webinars, the recordings and PowerPoint presentations are available behind the member paywall.

Session 1

Session 2

Save the date for the next webinar on Thursday, June 23.

*When registering, please use your Alliance member newspaper organization name and email address. Your Alliance membership will be verified prior to your registration being confirmed via email and receiving access to the site.

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