Postal Regulatory Commission Approves Market-Dominant Price Changes

The Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) approved the Postal Service’s proposal to raise rates for Market-Dominant products on May 30 for compliance; however, the Commission strongly encouraged the Postal Service Board of Governors to not increase rates by the full amount permitted by law. In its decision, the PRC notes: “Although the price adjustments proposed in this proceeding are consistent with applicable law and the Commission has no legal basis to reject the proposed changes, the Commission is concerned, given the current state of affairs, that the Postal Service’s proposal does not reflect reasoned consideration of the potential widespread effects of its proposal, is not prudent, and is not consistent with the best interests of all stakeholders. Specifically, the Commission remains concerned about the substantial declines in Market-Dominant volumes, overall service performance for Market Dominant products, and the Postal Service’s overall financial situation, issues that have all remained significant, if not worsened, since the current Market Dominant ratemaking system went into effect.”


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