News/Media Alliance Working to Fix Illinois Direct Marketing Law

The News/Media Alliance is working with the Illinois Press Association and other stakeholders to fix a consumer protection law, which attempted to prevent deceptive marketing preying on senior citizens. The IL Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act was amended and went into effect on January 1; however, the Attorney General’s Office will not enforce the law until the legislature enacts appropriate language for what the law is intended to do. We anticipate the law will be fixed this legislative session, which runs through mid-May. The current language states that it is unlawful practice to knowingly mail or send a postcard or letter to a recipient in the State if the postcard or letter does not disclose or disclaim any and all affiliations or lack thereof. In addition, all disclosures and disclaimers appearing on a postcard or letter must be conspicuously located at the top of the postcard or letter, be easily readable in clear and unambiguous language, and be printed in at least 14-point bold-face font in a black-outlined box. The Alliance will keep you apprised of developments.


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