News/Media Alliance Commends G7’s Hiroshima AI Process, Calls for Strong Copyright Protections

On October 19, the News/Media Alliance sent a letter together with Digital Content Next and the European Publishers Council to the G7 member states and the European Union regarding the Group’s efforts to develop global AI principles and a voluntary code of conduct under the so-called Hiroshima AI Process. The letter expressed support for the process and encouraged the member states to include strong transparency obligations and copyright protections in the G7 framework. The letter was accompanied by the Global AI Principles signed by the Alliance and over two dozen other content and media organizations in September, covering issues related to intellectual property, transparency, accountability, quality and integrity, fairness, safety, design, and sustainable development. The G7 are expected to finalize the framework in the coming weeks. The European Commission recently published a draft version of the principles, including a reference to copyrights and transparency measures.


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