New(s) Ideas: Recruitology’s MaxRecruit Gives Publishers an Edge with Employers


For October/November 2018, we have two New(s) Ideas winners!

Job listings are a big business, with online job sites such as Indeed, ZipRecruiter and Glassdoor serving as a common way for employees to search for their next opportunity. Programmatic is still catching on in the recruitment field; however, with Recruitology’s programmatic job distribution platform, MaxRecruit, news publishers can get ahead of the competition and secure a piece of the recruitment advertising pie.

News media organizations can offer employers and job seekers something the large online job sites cannot – a localized presentation of the opportunities available in their communities. This helps job seekers to cut through to the jobs that are near their location. This is good for employers, who want their postings to be seen by the most eligible candidates, i.e. those who already live where the jobs are. By advertising with news publishers, employers can let publishers manage the postings with MaxRecruit, taking away the need to juggle postings in several places.

News organizations have taken notice of MaxRecruit’s benefits for improving efficiency and driving revenue, with companies such as McClatchy, Digital First Media and Tribune Publishing leveraging the technology.

Recruitology’s demo gives a tutorial on using MaxRecruit and tips for optimizing job listings.

We recently caught up with Roberto Angulo, CEO at Recruitology, to tell us more about MaxRecruit and how news media can start using it to attract employers to advertise in their publications.

What is Recruitology MaxRecruit?

Roberto Angulo, CEO, Recruitology

MaxRecruit provides programmatic job distribution and optimization to employers posting jobs through news media organizations that use Recruitology as their recruitment platform. The platform is fully white-labeled, meaning the service is provided to employers under the media company’s brand.

How did the idea for MaxRecruit come about?

We saw a trend where employers started allocating more of their recruitment advertising dollars toward CPC (cost per click) and away from the traditional 30-day duration job postings. At the same time, we’ve seen the creation of many top job sites for jobseekers. Instead of one or two top brands, there are dozens now. So, we created MaxRecruit as a way to provide employers with a one-stop solution where they can post their job and not have to worry about which sites to use and how much budget to allocate or how much to pay for each job on each site. The engine behind MaxRecruit fully automates this.

What challenges does MaxRecruit help news media organizations to overcome?

One of the main challenges faced by media companies is the relevance of their recruitment solutions. Employers have choices, and many have gravitated to the large online job posting services, leaving the media companies with print advertising and only a small share of the digital pie. With MaxRecruit, media companies can reclaim ownership of their local employment market and offer a solution that is superior to working with a single online brand.

What are some different ways news media organizations can incorporate MaxRecruit into their business?

Some news media companies incorporate MaxRecruit as the programmatic solution sold alongside their main recruitment offering or alongside a range of niche job networks powered by Recruitology. Increasingly, we’re seeing our news media partners build a full end-to-end recruitment solution based on the Recruitology white-labeled job board. MaxRecruit serves as the foundation for job distribution, complemented by both specialty job networks, such as diversity, veterans and healthcare, as well as other value-add offerings like CareerBuilder, Facebook passive job seeker campaigns, and Candidate Search.

What has the response to MaxRecruit been like from your news media customers?

We’ve seen a very enthusiastic response to MaxRecruit from news media organizations. MaxRecruit’s core value proposition, “Post once and your job is distributed to top job boards, such as Indeed, Nexxt, Jobs2Careers and Glassdoor,” resonates well with both news media sales teams and employers.

What else does Recruitology do?

We provide a fully white-labeled job board, with a range of recruitment offerings news media partners sell to their employers, solution-selling training and marketing support to maximize sales effectiveness.

What is Recruitology working on for the future?

Some news media companies are cutting back on their recruitment advertising staff as they focus on digital subscriber-oriented initiatives, including paywalls. We will soon introduce a fully white-labeled self-service capability that lets the media company direct employers to a website where they can select the product that best meets their needs and pay via credit card. We believe this will be a strong solution for markets where there is material recruitment opportunity, but the media company may have too small a staff – or even no staff – to meet those needs.

How can publishers interested in MaxRecruit get started? Is there any special computer equipment or software required in order for newspapers to use it?

Getting started is easy. No special software is required. The news media company’s IT group needs to set up a connection to send employers’ job postings to us. We handle the rest.

What do you see as the future of news media?

In this era where “facts” are sometimes in dispute, a robust local media presence plays an essential role in our democracy. News media organizations who are refocusing their value proposition on being the trusted source of local news will maintain their relevance. This strategy goes hand in hand with the need for a strong digital revenue growth plan. Recruitology is committed to aiding the success of local news media.


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