Tune in to these 10 podcasts about journalism and the media

Podcasts are a great frontier for storytelling—but what about podcasts about storytelling? Learn some tricks of the trade on your way to work with these ten great pods.

For an industry overview, check out…

Journalism.co.uk will update you on the latest techniques and innovations in journalism. Hear from experts in this weekly podcast. Learn how to overcome industry obstacles and rise to the challenges.

CNN’s Reliable Sources examines how journalists do their jobs and how the media affect the stories they cover. Brian Stelter hosts this weekly podcast.

Go behind the scenes of The New York Times with Inside the Times. Susan Lehman interviews Times journalists about the stories and gives a backstage take of the newsroom.

Learn how the media sausage is made with On the Media. An hour each week, this WNYC show delves into how the news media functions.

For the marketing guru, listen to…

The Science of Social Media by Buffer. Learn small, actionable tasks each Monday and quickly improve your social media efforts.

Marketing over Coffee for a weekly information download on the latest social networks, SEO best practices and marketing trends.

Six Pixels of Separation with Mitch Joel, Mirum President. You will learn how everyone is connected, along with useful hacks and shortcuts for digital marketers.

For the creative type, download…

The Accidental Creative and become inspired. Learn how to build daily practices to stay healthy and recharged at work. Listen to host Todd Henry interview artists, authors and business leaders.

Tips from the Top Floor and improve your photography skills. Learn about the creative process for photography, along with tips for photographing everything under the sun.

The Reflex Blue Show and become a master of graphic design, page layout and infographics. Hone your skills with this show, which is aimed at graphic design, web design and chatting about people working in the industry.


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