Facebook Advertisers – Let’s Talk

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Dear Facebook Advertisers:

Worried about your ads appearing next to disinformation, misinformation or hate speech?

Our journalism is written and edited by professionals. We take responsibility for what we do.

Our audiences continue to grow. The public wants and needs quality news and information more than ever.

Let’s talk.


Americans are looking to their local print and digital news publishers in this time of paramount public health concern and historic protests. Traffic to news websites has increased significantly as consumers want to know what is happening in their communities so they can stay safe and healthy, as well as engage with their fellow community members.

Our high-quality journalism offers brand safe environments for advertising. Yet news publishers are facing greater challenges than ever due to decreasing advertising revenue resulting from the coronavirus pandemic.

Facebook has not sufficiently addressed advertisers’ concerns about hate speech and misinformation appearing on their platform.

As you are considering alternatives to Facebook for your advertising budget, we hope you will consider advertising in your local newspaper, print or digital. Not only will you be able to feel confident in the content alongside which your ads are appearing, but you will be helping to ensure that during these challenging times, news publishers, who are working tirelessly to bring the news to their communities during this crisis, are around to cover the next one.

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