News-worthy Halloween Costumes

Did you wait until deadline to come up with a costume? Typical journalist. Luckily we have a list of news-worthy Halloween costumes that will be the talk of the party.

  1. AP Style Book

What you’ll need:
Red Felt, Gray felt, White felt, hot glue gun, a love of grammar
Spend the evening letting people know the 2016 updates, including emoji and spokesperson!
Level of Difficulty: Hard

  1. Superman/Clark Kent

halloweengrid_supermanWhat you’ll need:
Superman shirt, button up, tie, glasses
This minimalist costume is a tried and true winner. We all know journalists are the real heroes anyway.
Level of Difficulty: Easy

  1. Carrie Bradshaw

carrieWhat you’ll need:
Tutu, pink top, killer heels
Dress as Sex and the City’s newspaper columnist for a fashion forward and fun costume.
Level of Difficulty: Easy

  1. The Press

thrive-press-halloween-costumeWhat you’ll need:
Trench coat, notebook, fedora, press badge, camera
Make sure to ask everyone if you can quote them on that.
Level of Difficulty: Easy

  1. Newsie

newsiesWhat you’ll need:
Newsboy cap, suspenders, shorts, high socks, tote bag (for candy), a newspaper
This costume is not complete without broadcasting: “Extra, extra read all about it”
Level of Difficulty: Medium

  1. Social Media

7430e425c027dbe45123a9026445421eWhat you’ll need:
Posterboard, string
Make sure to really become your social media platform. If you’re Facebook, you should “poke” and “Thumbs up” frequently; as Snapchat, you can leave the party early.
Level of Difficulty: Medium

  1. Mad Men

madmenWhat you’ll need:
Dapper suit, drink in hand
We didn’t forget you advertisers! Though the show wrapped up last year, a Mad Men costume is always classy.
Level of Difficulty: Easy

  1. Ghostwriter

ghostWhat you’ll need:
Sheet with eye holes, notepad
This is a clever twist on the most iconic Halloween costume.
Level of Difficulty: Easy

  1. Rita Skeeter

ritaskeeter_boardWhat you’ll need:
Green suit, fur cuff, glasses, blonde wig, feather pen
Be “enchantingly nasty” this year as the notorious Harry Potter witch journalist with a magic quill.
Level of difficulty: Medium

  1. Miranda Priestly

the-devil-wears-pradaWhat you’ll need:
Grey wig, heels, glam glasses, power suit
The Devil Wears Prada editor Miranda Priestly is an ice cold, powerful choice for this Halloween. Everyone will want to be you.
Level of difficulty: Medium

Happy Halloween from the News Media Alliance.

Kirsten is the Social Media and Blog Editor at the News Media Alliance.


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