Getting the Best Data for Your Organization- Webinar Recap

Understanding data within your organization can be beneficial in the long run. In the first part of an Alliance-hosted summer webinar series centering on data entitled, “Getting the Best Data for Your Organization”, industry experts discussed what techniques are best when it comes to deciphering data.

Guest speakers Brian Howell, Director of Consumer Revenue Optimization at tronc, Inc., and Kelsey Arendt, Head of Audience Development Solutions at, participated in the webinar and offered advice to organizations regarding strategies to use when trying to gather data and how to enforce the data that they find. Rebecca Frank, News Media Alliance Director of Research and Insights, served as the moderator for the webinar.

Howell works directly with tronc market leads across the country, analyzes subscriber revenue and develops growth strategies from the data that he collects.

During the webinar, he covered topics like how to optimize your organization’s channels. “What are your consumers doing? Are they going online to visit your website? Are they using your apps?” Making sure organizations understand their consumers and giving them a choice allows them to have options, Howell states. Lastly, by giving consumers options to select from, you ensure retention and increases the chance of better outcomes. His presentation focused on increasing subscriber growth by trying our various techniques that work best for your organization.

Arendt works on providing content strategies and consultation for the newsroom as well as their blog editor. Her presentation centered on understanding your audience and what to do with data once it has been gathered. “Understanding trends of your organization is important”, she says, because it reveals what is going well within an organization and what is not.

Having this type of data opens the door for comparisons to be made on previous trends. Arendt stated that understanding what your audience cares about is important and helps unlock your data’s full potential. She provided information on how can help organizations with their data. Content-based API is the first option from the site and allows organizations to create personalized user experiences based off their site’s audience analytics. The second is Content Dashboard which allows organizations to unlock and understand their websites analytics. The final is Data Pipeline which allows organizations to access their analytics. Her presentation focused on understanding your organizations data and what steps to take to accomplish this.

Both speakers provided great resources that can help organizations with understanding their data as well as their consumers/audiences.

The next webinar will be July 19th, 2018 from 2:00 – 3:00 pm ET. The topic of the webinar will be Using Data To Solve Problems.

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