Free Webinar: Understanding Periodicals: Using Your Permit To Generate Revenue

Thursday, July 21, 4:00-5:00 p.m. EDT

New sampling rules for Within County newspapers became effective May 27. Congress passed a change in the allowance for nonsubscribers to receive newspapers with the Postal Service Reform Act of 2022. The new rule allows newspapers a wider allowance to send sample copies to nonsubscribers at the within County postage rate. The limit was 10 percent of annual Within County subscriber mail. With the new law, the limit becomes 50 percent. Join us to learn how to use your sampling privileges strategically for advertising ⁠— including information and samples on unmissable promotions like inserts and sticky note ads; how to promote to advertisers; and the important details (i.e., what constitutes an insert vs. a ride-along, etc.); and more.

Through a partnership with the NNA Foundation, Alliance members may participate in this webinar at no charge.*

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Previous recordings:

The previous recordings and presentations from the Understanding Periodicals series are available to Alliance members. (NNA login required. If you have not yet registered for an NNA account, click here to register.)

Session 1: Understanding Periodicals

Session 2: Managing a Permit and How DO you find the answers you need?

Session 3: Things You Forgot — Or Maybe Never Knew — About Periodicals

About the NNA Foundation Max Health Postal Institute:

NNA’s Max Heath Postal Institute hosts webinars to train newspaper employees on best uses of the mail in a rapidly changing postal environment. A Newspaper Mail School is also available, where employees can receive a certification to become proficient in dealing with United States Postal Service.

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