Facebook Live Awards 2017

By this point, we all know what Facebook Live is, right? (If not, don’t worry. Check out our piece from last year that explains Facebook Live.)

Facebook Live resulted in some pretty incredible content last year and it’s only become more amazing since. We are happy to announce the second annual Facebook Live Awards!
Below are six examples of different publishers that have excelled in using the platform. Once watched, vote for your favorite on our Twitter. If your favorite didn’t make this list, be sure to tweet it at us!

Without further ado…

Most Historic Event

NBC streamed the electoral map live as the election results came in during last years’ Presidential Election in the United States. The views climbed up to 33 million:

Sidenote: This Buzzfeed Facebook Live stream that was published immediately following the election results has reached up to 55 million views:

Most Innovative

On July 25th, Facebook announced updates to its Live 360 platform including improved resolution but National Geographic had the honor of being one of the first publishers to stream a Facebook Live in 360. This first post by NatGeo provided a look around the Utah desert. They streamed the area used as the Mars Desert Research Station, a Martian habitat simulator on the platform:

Most Scenic

With the noises and visuals from the rooftop of a skyscraper, ABC News made it possible for everyone to feel like they were watching the sunset over New York City with this Facebook Live streaming:


Most Humorous

WGBH made light of a bad situation this year during Boston’s February snowstorm. Over 116,000 people have tuned in to watch “the elusive Boston Yeti” make his way around town:

Most Delicious

Over 600,000 people have watched this tiny donut challenge. Tastemade’s vertical “Tiny Kitchen” posted this live stream. Spoiler alert: they make 46 tiny donuts in one hour!


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