Publications prepare for second news blitz on homelessness in DC

On June 29, several D.C. publications are investigating solutions to homelessness in the nation’s capital for a day. Inspired by San Francisco’s now award-winning 88-outlet reporting project on homelessness, media outlets are once again joining together to produce a series of coordinated stories investigating the D.C. homeless crisis and its solutions.

The nation’s capital boasts the highest rate of homelessness in the United States. Last year, cities across the country declared states of emergency to address their local quandaries. Furthermore, governments have been narrowing the definitions of who their emergency response systems serve in order to improve performance — acknowledging that they can’t help everyone afflicted by America’s poverty.

District journalists are coordinating to uncover what’s working and what’s not, where funding is being spent effectively and where politics is a barrier. Outlets interested in joining this effort can find more information here.


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