New Year, News Media Alliance

How can anyone possibly characterize 2016?  From Brexit to Syria to possibly the craziest election cycle in US history, this was a year in which common assumptions about the world we live in were challenged.  On the news media front, we battled fake news, hostile presidential candidates, deceptive ad blocking, outdated media laws, and many other challenges.

As we look forward to 2017, and putting this crazy year behind us, I wanted to share a few of my resolutions with you.

  1. We are going to fight even harder against “fake news” and the fundamental danger it represents to our society and to journalism. Bottom line: the answer to fake news is better appreciation for great reporting under the auspices of established brands.
  2. We are going to finally prove to the FCC that a 40+ year old ban on cross-ownership between TV and newspapers is utterly absurd. I’m very proud of the work the Alliance policy team has done on repealing this ban and look forward to the progress they will continue to make.
  3. We are going to greatly expand the membership of the Alliance. When we reimagined the Alliance, I knew I wanted to champion an organization that mirrors the forward-thinking industry of news media. We have opened the door to digital-only members and I am excited to welcome new members and innovation in the new year.
  4. We are going to fight for the rights of journalists to safely and effectively do their jobs. In the last 10 years, 664 journalists have been killed on the job. Truth and transparency shouldn’t require such a terrible cost.
  5. We will defend and fight for open and transparent coverage of government. No matter how hostile politicians might get, the press serves the nation and the world with real fact-based reporting that keeps the public informed.
  6. I am going to be thankful every day for representing immensely important industry with a bright future. In 2016, we laid the foundation for a stronger and better organization. I look forward to energetically representing and supporting our tremendous members in the new year.

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