Audience Development Symposium 2016

Audience Development Symposium 2016

2016 sessions focused on the following topics:

  1. Building a Digital Audience – Mobile Focus
  2. Successful programs that improve print reader engagement with the newspapers digital products.
  3. Rapid Fire Ideas Session
  4. Programs to Build Audience Across Platforms
  5. An Integrated Loyalty Program
  6. A Visit to Virtual Reality
  7. Generate Additional Revenue from Readers 



  • How to make good use of data to acquire and retain subscribers and improve engagement across platforms.
  • How to sell and get readers to use digital products.
  • Effective direct response is generic and essential today to achieving most of the goals within the topics above.
  • How to move print readers to more fully utilize your digital products.
  • Identifying the most productive strategies to generate additional revenues from readers.
  • Successful programs to improve print reader engagement with newspaper digital products.
  • Firsthand reports on successful execution of productive strategies to generate additional revenue from readers.
  • Successful strategies and development of programs to improve retention and build loyalty among home delivery subscribers.

Download the full Program here: 2016 Audience Development Symposium Program


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