How America Shops and Spends 2014

How America Shops and Spends investigates consumer shopping habits and the influence media has on shopping today. The research, conducted by Frank N. Magid Associates for NAA, is designed to help advertisers understand the current dynamics of consumer shopping and how that activity interacts with newspaper media.

Download: How America Shops and Spends, 2014 

Discover the latest data on consumer shopping habits, based on a national study of adult consumer shopping and buying behavior plus media usage habits.

Key Findings include:

  • Almost nine in 10 adults (88%) used one of 21 types of advertising media tested in this study to help plan any shopping or make purchasing decisions in the past seven days.
  • Eight in 10 (79%) of adults have taken action as a result of reading or seeing an ad in a print newspaper in the past 30 days.
  • Newspaper media, combining the print newspaper and newspaper websites, are used by 57% of adults in the past seven days for shopping planning and purchase decisions. More than half (52%) use the print newspaper and one in five (21%) use newspaper websites.
  • Four in 10 adults have taken an action online as a result of reading or seeing an ad in a print newspaper in the past 30 days.
  • For print newspaper advertising, consumer benefits are most apparent for bringing sales to consumers’ attention (28%), for being believable and trustworthy (26%), advertising that consumers look forward to (22%), for being something that few try to avoid (9%) and for having advertising that few consider annoying (4%).

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