Alliance Joins Letter Urging Supreme Court to Make Access to Live Audio Feed Permanent

On September 13, the Alliance joined a letter with 62 other media organizations urging the Supreme Court to make permanent its practice of providing the public with access to a live audio feed of oral arguments before the Court. The letter, led by RCFP, outlines the strong arguments for making access to the live audio feed permanent. The practice, which was started by the Court in response to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, has greatly increased access to the Court’s proceedings, not only to the public but to journalists across the country. With the feed, the press can report on arguments before the Court more accurately and in real time. This information significantly benefits the public in enhancing their understanding of the functioning of the Court and the broader role that the Court plays in our legal system and democracy. The Alliance supports open access to Supreme Court proceedings and urges the Court to make the live audio feed a permanent practice in support of ongoing transparency. Read more.


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