Alliance Joins Brief Arguing Against Warrantless Surveillance

On November 11, the Alliance signed onto a brief, filed in the U.S. Supreme Court, arguing that law enforcement should not be permitted to conduct warrantless, long-term camera surveillance. In Tuggle v. United States, law enforcement officers used three cameras attached to utility poles to film Tuggle for over a year, in an attempt to gather evidence of drug trafficking—all without a warrant. Tuggle argued that the video evidence should be suppressed, and both the district court and the Seventh Circuit denied the motion. Tuggle has appealed to the Supreme Court, and they have not yet ruled on his petition for certiorari. The brief, authored by RCFP, argues that this warrantless surveillance threatens First Amendment rights and risks a serious chilling effect on speech and expression. The Alliance continues to advocate for protections that will ensure journalists’ ability to exercise their First Amendment rights, free from any intimidation or threat.  Read more.


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