Alliance CEO Op-Ed: Media Code is Thoughtful, Brave and Might Save Journalism

towfiqu ahamed / iStock/Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

An op-ed by News Media Alliance President & CEO, David Chavern, “Media code is thoughtful, brave and might save journalism,” ran in The Australian today, regarding the proposed bargaining code in Australia to require the big tech platforms to pay news publishers for use of their content. An excerpt from the op-ed is below:

Media code is thoughtful, brave and might save journalism

The proposed bargaining code between news publishers and big tech platforms represents a critical turning point in worldwide efforts to create a sustainable, forward-looking model for professional journalism. While it is often hard to perceive the tides of history while we are in them, many of us believe that Australia is about to make a choice that could change the course of civic societies around the globe. That choice is not only about the future of news publishing but also whether we can build communities based on facts instead of misinformation and hate.

Click here to read the rest of the op-ed on The Australian‘s website.


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