The News Media Alliance is collaborating with Facebook to improve readers’ experience in consuming newspaper content online. Leveraging input from Alliance member executives and Facebook leadership, our two organizations have developed a joint Working Plan to create benchmarks for progress in several areas relating to engagement and publishers’ revenue growth, such as:

Subscriptions: Tools and data to increase digital subscriptions

Trust: Algorithmic quality and indicators (Trusted/Informative/Local);

Analytics: Insights, Tools & Crowdtangle;

Local: Reward original content at the local level;

Advertising: Shared data.


You’re invited to participate in a News Feed webinar presentation with the Facebook Local News Partnerships team:


Facebook Journalism Project: News Feed Updates through a Local Lens


11:00-11:30 AM EST

Description: This webinar offers a chance to hear directly from the Facebook team. This webinar will review all the News Feed changes announced this year, and covers what Facebook is doing to ensure people see high-quality, trusted news, especially from local sources, on the platform.

Register here 



Facebook decision on January 11, 2018 to elevate friends & family and deprioritize news content in user feeds.

Second Facebook decision on January 19, 2018 to elevate trustworthy news content in user feeds.

Alliance CEO David Chavern’s statement in response to Facebook announcements.

Facebook will decide trustworthiness through survey of users, asking two questions: do you recognize & do you trust the website.

Facebook made a ranking update to show more local news in News Feed.  Outlined in Zuckerberg’s post, and more details on the News Feed FYI blog.

Alliance CEO Statement: Facebook’s Subscription Model

For questions or more information about the Digital Dialogue, please contact News Media Alliance VP, Public Policy, Danielle Coffey.


Local News: Facebook announced that it plans to adjust the users’ feeds to prioritize local news and topics that have a direct impact on the users’ communities and local areas. Prioritizing local news as a part of an emphasis on high-quality content may cause news items to appear higher in users’ feeds for followers in publishers’ geographic areas. This change is one of the many signals that go into ranking.

Digital Subscriptions: The Alliance and Facebook have identified digital subscriptions as a priority area for news publishers. Facebook is working with publishers in an accelerator program to identify challenges and solutions; Alliance members will actively participate in those discussions.