metricsXchange: Overview for Members

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  • 07.26.2017



A first-of-its-kind digital benchmarking tool provided exclusively to members of the News Media Alliance.



Developed exclusively for News Media Alliance members in partnership with Mather Economics, metricsXchange tracks digital as well as print newspaper revenue, audience and engagement metrics that were previously unavailable. It also allows individual members to see how their newspaper is performing compared to its competitors.


metricsXchange is provided to News Media Alliance members at no additional cost.


Metrics provided:

• Advertising performance
• Audience analytics
• User behavior
• Calculated metrics & ratios
• Base dimensions
• All of these metrics compared to peers



Alliance members supply their website tags to Mather Economics, who loads the tags into the tool. The data are automatically generated from the tags – no need to manually input any data!


With a one-time installation of the tags, you will automatically be able to track 60+ metrics  daily.


Competitor sets (“compsets”) are generated with data from other News Media Alliance members that are in the database. The compsets are determined by company size and region. Regions are defined by the location of each property. Size is determined by the average monthly page views.


All data is anonymous unless you have privileges to view the data.


As with all benchmarking studies, the value of the tool to the industry is based on broad participation across the Alliance membership.


Preview – Digital Advertising Dashboard:

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Preview – Newsroom Module:

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1. To set up your account, contact News Media Alliance VP, Innovation, Michael MaLoon at


2. Setup your Alliance login and password


3. Log on to and get started.


Note: If you are already a Mather customer and have the Listener software installed, onboarding for metricsXchange is easy because it uses the exact same tags. 



Watch a recording of our webinar with Mather Economics providing an overview of metricsXchange, a demo of the tool and more details:


Watch Demo


Download the slides from the webinar:


Download PDF of Slides



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