Introducing LawView, a legislation update

The News Media Alliance seeks to provide timely intelligence, critical to effective advocacy inside the beltway and across the country.  The sheer volume of state legislation makes it difficult to track, especially on the many issues affecting the news media industry.  That is why we have created LawView, a tool to provide our membership monthly updates on state legislation related to key issues.  We will begin by covering developments on freedom of information (FOIA), public notice, telemarketing (TCPA), defamation (SLAPP), and drones (UAS).  LawView is intended to provide value to members, and we are open to adding content and issues at any time.  We rely on our member feedback to shape this tool to meet their needs.  We are also able to pull specific bills or information upon request and provide a more detailed, lengthy report for reference.
In addition to a tracking tool, LawView will also be used for grassroots engagement, including identification of members’ government representatives and their voting records, staff contacts in legislative offices, and other relevant information for effective and targeted grassroots outreach during opportune times when Members of Congress are home in their states and districts.
Key Updates on May Issues:
FOIA Related Bills:
SC H 3352: Enacted. Signed by Governor May 19, 2017
AR HB 1866: Failed. Died in House at Sine Die, May 1, 2017
Anti-SLAPP Related Bills:
NJ A 603: Passed Assembly (69-3-1). Referred to Senate Judiciary
Committee, May 1, 2017
TX HB 1643: Placed on Local Uncontested Calendar May 24, 2017
TX HB 1424: Passed Senate. Placed on Intent Calendar May 23, 2017
LA SB 69: Scheduled for Senate floor debate on June 1, 2017
Public Notice Related Bills:
ME LD 329: Senate overrides Governor’s veto 32-0, April 13, 2017
No updates:
TCPA and unclaimed property/escheatment.
View the full report here.
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Danielle Coffey is Senior Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at News Media Alliance


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