News Media Alliance Announces metricsXchange

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News Media Alliance Introduces Newspaper Digital Metrics Platform
metricsXchange Allows Real-Time Comparisons Between Markets and Publications

June 12, 2017

Arlington, Va. – The News Media Alliance today announced the launch of its new metrics tool for members, metricsXchange. The data analytics platform, created in collaboration with Mather Economics, allows real-time comparison between markets and publications.

“The whole idea behind metricsXchange was to develop a product for members that would deliver high value every day of the week,” said News Media Alliance president and CEO, David Chavern. “Until now, there wasn’t a tool for newspaper companies that incorporated relevant metrics for today’s digital news media environment that allowed them to see all at once their performance as well as how they stack up to other publications. I think we have achieved that and I am very excited about the future.”

The platform was designed specifically for the publishing industry and connects advertising revenue and site data by user and content.

Members companies will be able to view their individual revenue, impression and average CMP data and compare it to anonymous peer data. Additionally, data will be available on unique visitors, page views, time on page, referral sources and power users. The Alliance will generate quarterly reports to establish industry benchmarks and identify best practices.

In order to collect this data, during the onboarding process, light-weight tags are installed on members’ sites. This allows metricsXchange to provide real-time comparisons across the field.

“We’ve developed the platform to make performance analysis and comparison against peers easier,” said News Media Alliance VP of Innovation, Michael MaLoon. “Publishers can now with a few clicks view reliable benchmarking data. The process would have taken hours on the phone and typing emails just to get publishers willing to share data.”

This custom, proprietary tool is provided at no additional cost to Alliance members. Alliance members currently signed on to use the tool including Dallas Morning News, Newsday, The Seattle Times, Schurz Communications, El Vocero and the McClatchy Company. The Alliance’s goal is to have 100 members onboarded with the tool by August 1st.

To be included in the platform, members should reach out to Michael MaLoon at

For more information about metricsXchange, visit


The News Media Alliance is a nonprofit organization representing nearly 2,000 news organizations and their multiplatform businesses in the United States and Canada. Alliance members include print, digital and mobile publishers of original news content. Headquartered near Washington, D.C., in Arlington, Va., the association focuses on ensuring the future of news media through communication, research, advocacy and innovation. Information about the News Media Alliance (formerly NAA) can be found at


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