#DefendPressFreedom Ads

Reporters Without Borders has developed two ads for newspapers to run ahead of the midterm elections, calling on citizens to ask their candidates running for Congress where they stand on press freedom.

We are happy to offer these ads to Alliance members in full- and quarter-page for print, as well as digital cubes.

The ads are available in full- and quarter-page for print (PDF format), as well as digital cubes.

Print Ads:

Click the links below to download the desired files.

Ad 1:

Full-page PDF (12″ x 21″)

Quarter-page PDF (5.7″ x 10.5″)






Ad 2:

Full-page PDF (12″ x 21″)

Quarter-page PDF (5.7″ x 10.5″)







Digital Ads:

Cube 1 (300 x 250 px)





Cube 2 (300 x 250 px)





For more information, visit www.defendpressfreedom.com



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